Casework - General Information

Casework is the fundamental core of practice which is underpinned by an extremely complex system of knowledge and skills. This impressive, ready-to use Casework System compliments practice by laying out an organised structure that enables practitioners to work through any difficulty situation, stage by stage, without detracting from their ability to make decisions. Those practitioners who use this flexible technique become more skilful and more effective in their practice.

Six Casework Stages

The casework system divides the process into six progressive stages which forms the main structure of the system which on their own, will help structure any problematic situations into a logical sequence of operations.

Each of these six main stages become sub-divided and branch out to provide more information about that specific option. Then even these sub-sections can become divided to provide an ever-increasing amount of detail in a way that has previously not been available. What is really great about this resource is practitioners using the system absorb the knowledge, develop their skills and become more effective at achieving their goals.

Enhances Professional Capabilities

This casework system is fast becoming the essential guide for frontline practitioners as the logical sequence of assessing, planning, organizing and managing casework enhances professional capabilities. So, if you are a like-minded practitioner who is looking for a creative initiative resource to enhance professional capabilities, then here it is.