Policy Statement

The purpose of this academy endeavour to provide information relating to knowledge, skills and interventions with the intent of improving social work practice to help client’s overcome difficulties and improve the quality of their lives.

The Director retains the right to add, change or remove information without prior consent unless other wised agreed with a third party. It also has the right to change or develop the direction the website in ways that seems appropriate to the Director. To avoid plagiarism, contributions from people submitting material must ensure it’s their own work unless other wised referenced and we retain the right to alter any material submitted for inclusion.

We do not include unrelated advertisement within the site, although there may be links to other external sponsors or professional organisations or associations that support the website. We may make recommendations for certain books, products, services or materials that are considered useful to our members.

We will endeavour to keep the website operational 24/7 but cannot guarantee this as there may be occasions when certain problems prevent members accessing the information.

Please use the Contact Us page with any questions or for any policy clarifications