Level 2


Please note this website is currently under long term development and  will be some months before it’s properly operational.

Home Page

The (Home) page is the Main Menu which enables people to quickly access information they want.

Side Menu Bar The left side menu directly to the Casework System which in essence is a large case management tool.

Level Indicator

The level indicator (as seen in the top left side) is designed to stop people becoming lost in the system. The higher the levels indicates how far you are branching into a particular section.

Forward / Backward Movement

Clicking on any of the different menu options will move you further into the system by providing more information about that topic.

To follow your path back, use the ‘Back Arrow’ icon (positioned top left corner of the screen) which will move back one screen at a time.

Alternatively, click on the ‘Home’ option on the top menu bar to return back to main menu.