Level 3

Professional Information

Most explanations of the word ‘Professional’ usually refer to people engaged in what is considered traditional professions.  However, there has been a long-standing debate about whether social work qualifies as a ‘profession’ which is likely to continue for many years.  So, it may be useful to focus on social workers from acting in a professional way. This refers to people following a code of conduct defined by specific ethics and values.

There are considerable variations as to what constitutes professional behaviour, so the following is just a guideline.

Image, Dress, Posture, Demeanour, Courteousness, Basic manners.

Respect, Honesty, Reliability, Professional attitude, Positivism, Integrity, Dependability, Supportiveness.

Listening, Understanding, Confidentiality, Informing.

Explanations, Cultural awareness, Committed, Accountable, Competent, Supportive.

Awareness, Clarity, Directional, Preparation, Skilled.