Level 3

Health and Safety

Social care practitioners need be aware of health, safety issues regarding possible dangers to their wellbeing.  The stressful nature of the work and the disturbing psychological impact it has will test practitioners resolve and emotional resilience to do the job. Health and Safety guidelines or codes of practice exist to help protect professionals in their line of work.  The social work profession has to take into consideration regarding:

Exposure to used needles
Exposure to infections
Exposure to hazardous substances
Pressure from excessive workloads
Work related stress
Experience of psychological trauma

Work place bullying
Exposure to possible allegations of improper conduct
Exposure to threat to the point of experiencing fear
Exposure to physical attack
Being present when violence occurs
Dangerous visits

Try to develop and promote strategies of wellbeing at work for yourself and others.  Consider things such as:

Self-protection Training
Risk assessment
Interview precautions
Maintaining contact
Panic buttons

For more up-to-date information see UNISON – Duty of Care Handbook