Level 3

Assessment Programe

General Assessment Information

The British Association of Social Work (BASW) has recommended a range of assessment practices that social workers should cover during their development as Students, ASYE, Qualified, Experienced, Advanced, Strategic, practitioners.  

Assessment of Needs
Recognition of Needs

Risk Assessment
Risk Recognition
Risk Factors
Be Risk Accountable
Assess and manage risk
Teach others to assess and manage risk
Manage the anxiety of other between risk and protection
Ensure risk management reflects current best practice.

Assessment Process
Assessment Framework
Gather Information
Evaluating Assessment to form Judgement

Expand Assessment Skills
Expand range of Assessment
Develop an Expertise in Assessment
Assess Complex situations
Become an expert in Assessment

This general framework organises various aspects of assessment into different categories which can be used to extend and expand on by developing helpful assessment techniques that can be applied during practice.