Level 3

Ways to Discourage Communication

Verbal Ways that Discourage Communication

Constantly interrupts people
Tells people what they think
Keeps pressurising people to talk
Gives orders and makes demands
Gets annoyed, angry and shouts
Never stops talking

Makes demeaning comments
Makes denigrating comments
Becomes rude and offensive
Calls people names like stupid
Makes tutting, groaning or sighing noises
Says “What do you want now”
Says “You’ve always got a lot to say”

Asks for ideas then completely ignore them
Discourages people’s opinions
Talks to destroys oppositional arguments
Refuses to discuss issues
Keeps being argumentative
Lays the blame on others
Laughs at people

Non Verbal Ways that Discourage Communication

Discourage communication
Making negative statements
Constantly interrupts
Talks over what the person is saying
Gets annoyed and walks off
Purposely misinterprets or distorts what’s said
Dismisses others opinions
Make people feel they are not worth the time
Say things a person doesn’t mean when angry
Responds inappropriately
Responds in an argumentative way

Doesn’t pay attention
Avoids looking at the person’s face
Appears distracted
Appears disinterested
Turning away from people
Edges away from the person speaking
Walks away when people are talking
Ignores people
Unwilling to listen

Negative non-verbal communication
Makes people feel uncomfortable
Makes negative facial signs like eye rolling, frowning, Lifting eyes to heaven
Displays negative behaviours
Makes people feel they are disliked
Has a negative attitude
Gives negative gestures
Gives offensive hand signs
Uses hand signs that say stop
Uses gestures that say “I don’t care”
Side-lines or excludes people