Level 4

The Why Question

The Why question could be viewed as peeling an onion where you start at the surface and peel back the different layers until you reach the core.


“Why?”   >>>>   “Because it helps to get to the bottom of things”.

“Why?”   >>>>   “It forces people to think about the reasons”.

“Why?”   >>>>   “To understand what happened”.

“Why?”   >>>>   “To stop it happening again”.

“Why?”   >>>>   “Because it’s not something that is good for them”.

“Why?”   >>>>   “Because ……….?

As a suggestion, try to keep asking the Why question every time you get an answer but explore more subtle ways to phrase the question.

So why do you think that happened?
I don’t understand why?
Could you tell me why?
I’m a bit confused, why did ….?
I’m really interested to know why ….?
Did I misunderstand the reason for ….?