Level 4


Most techniques rely heavily on someone passing on information about a situation in order for the listener to understand a situation.

Self-reporting can require people to be very honest either with themselves or with other people.  In general, people don’t feel comfortable accepting personal responsibility when reporting a mistake or made a bad choice as it reduces their self-esteem.

They can also be unwilling to express their inner thoughts and feelings or at least are very selective about what information they are prepared to share.  This can lead to a misunderstanding or a misdiagnosis and an ineffective intervention response.  If this happens, it may be difficult to properly resolve a situation or things might even get worse.

Selectivity Factors:

Restricted version
Concealment of information
Resistance or reluctance to talk
Frightened or scared to tell the truth

Objectivity Factors:

Individual interpretation of events
Personal bias
Mixed motives
Emotional embellishment