Level 3

Stress Symptoms

Try to recognise the extent of how seriously the stress is affecting you and anyone else involved in the situation?  The affects become more serious the further down the list you go. Anyone who is considered to be in the lower half of the list is advised to seek help and professional support to ease the stress.  Contact your health care practitioner or Doctor.

Feelings of unease and worry
Increased time spent trying to reduce stress
Heavy sighing
Higher levels of anxiety
Disrupted sleep pattern
Snappy or short temperedness
Emotional outbursts (crying)
Muscle tension
Feelings of panic
Unable to think clearly
Reduction in effective performance
Ability to cope is being overwhelmed
Wanting to escape the situation
Increased absenteeism
Embarrassment of failing publicly
Feelings of helplessness
Breakdown in normal functioning
Despondency and despair
Total loss of confidence
Escape and isolation
Thoughts of self harm