Level 3

General Care Interventions

Physical Health
Family Contact
Organise Routine
Encourage physical and mental activity
Eat healthy
Promoting independence
Helpful Neighbour
Domestic Home Helps
Personal Carers
Holiday breaks for carers
Education for stay at home children
Organised (7 day) pill box
Community Nurses
Specialised Furniture
Reduce Social isolation
Contact the person’s religious group
Warden Controlled Housing
Hospice – End of life
Bereavement counselling

Wider Family Support
Welfare Benefits
Free School Meals
Food Banks
Reduce Non-Essential Expenditure
Seek Employment
Charitable Organisations
Use Furniture Recycle Centres
Utilise Charity Shops
Move home to live with relative
Shared Housing – Shared Bills

Sight Impairment
Remove Hazardous Obstacles
Organise Food Deliveries
Letter Reading Support
Bill payment support (Automatic, Family or Bank)
White Stick
Badge Saying “Sight Impaired”
Organise Transport for Appointments
Audio Books
Guide Dog
Emergency Button Contact Service
Telephone Contact Service
Reduce Social Exclusion

Hearing Loss
Badge or Card saying “Hearing Loss”
Hearing Test & Aids
Visual Communication
Headphones for TV
Communicate via Computer
Reduce Social Exclusion

Mental Health
Family Contact
Wellbeing Counselling
Community groups
Mental Health Team
Medical ‘Drug’ treatment
Psychiatric Therapy