Level 4

Suggested Method and Factors of Advocacy

  1. Task: – Understand the task
    Advocates should know the system and understand how best to represent their client’s interests.
    Understand legal systems.
    Research and understand the subject.
  1. Goal:
    Have a clear goal
    Have an achievable goal.
    Know the setbacks.
    Advocates should listen, (respectfully) clarify, explore options, provide advice, be involved in the decision making, support their decisions, agree any type of action and genuinely considered the clients decisions being made about their lives.
    Ensuring social justice.
    Promote Human Rights.
    See social work values
  1. Method:
    Request support from other organisations.
    Access services.
    Representing an individual to secure the services of an organisation.
    Write letters of support.
    Attending meetings or interviews or speak on behalf of the client.
    Supporting people through a change process.
    Attending Community Meeting.
    Media or political campaigns regarding social policy.
    Instigate Research.
  1. Plan:
    Decide the best approach.
    Develop effective arguments.
    Decern who to approach.
    Find areas of agreement.
  1. Organise:
    Use the Power of Attraction.
    Build alliances.
    Determine whether to use social media platforms to influence opinions, encourage engagement and stimulate collective action.
  1. Manage:
    Instigate the plan.
    Contact relevant people.
    Coordinate with others.
    Communicate the proposal.