Level 3

Develop a Network of Interventions

Develop a network of intervention resources is really useful because social work is so diverse it requires multiple interventions. Creating a database of interventions together with contact details (names, emails, phone numbers) is really helpful as it raises awareness of interventions, provides a shared (office) resources which saves time. This suggested list of resources provides a start but will vary from one community to another.

In compiling this list, it was interesting to compare how all the different types of interventions fitted in with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs.

Maslow Level 1 – Health Care
Doctors, Hospitals, Clinics
Hospital Social Workers
Rehabilitation resources
Counsellors, Therapists, Psychiatrists
Hearing and sight Impairment Services

Maslow Level 2 – Security
Safety                  Police
                             Domestic violence shelters
Security               Welfare Benefits
Protection           Housing
                              Benefits assessment service
Employment        Careers Centres
                               Careers Advisors
                               Career / school advisors
Social Services    Provision of social care
                               Mental Health Teams              

Maslow Level 3 – Integration
Social Community groups
Foster care
Residential Care
Family visiting centres
Family Therapy

Maslow Level 4 – Emotions
Social worker dealing with emotional issues.
Wellbeing Services, (stress, anxiety, depression, fear, panic).

Maslow Level 5 – Cognition – Education Department
Speech and learning difficulties,
School placement
Special schools
Special educational needs
Home tutors
Education welfare for travellers
People who speak different languages, and sign language

Maslow Level 6 – Fairness
Independence training 
Citizen Advice
Legal Services

Maslow Level 7 – Philosophical
Spiritual support and Guidance
Charity organisations and shops