Level 3

General Relationship Information

Social interaction is any relationship between two or more individuals which usually involves being part of a family and a member of a community. These relationships form the building blocks of society which has its own language, social rules and should create a sense of safety, belonging that enables information to be shared and people to work together for the common good.

Each society also generates its own set of problems which can cross three levels, 1) Individuals such as loneliness, addictions, crime and violence, 2) Groups including family dysfunction, inadequate provision of services, and organisations or communities that don’t operate for the common good. and 3) entire societies with regards to politics in terms of how each society is managed, laws, protection and national support systems.

Social work operates across all three levels in attempting to alleviate social problems which can be recognised by any condition or behaviour that has negative consequences and needs to be addressed and social interventions are actions designed to target specific difficulties that affect individuals. groups or communities.