Level 3

Positive Thinking Examples

Be conscious of recognising potential ways to change negatives into positives.

Stop having a negative attitude and start having a positive one.
Don’t be obstructive, be constructive.
Turn wishes into “I will” statements.

Stop feeling negative and start feeling positive.
Stop feeling helpless and develop ways to help yourself.
Don’t feel discouraged, feel motivated.

Stop thinking negatively and start thinking positively.
Change – I can’t ….? To  I can ….?
Don’t dwell on problems just focus on solutions.

Stop perceiving things negatively and start interpreting positively.
Don’t see comments as criticism, see it as feedback.
Replace Pessimism with Optimism.

Instead of negative expectations develop positive expectations.
Change low expectations to high expectations.
Instead of expecting to fail, expect to succeed.

Stop behaving negatively and start behaving positively.
Change nothing is possible to everything is possible.
Change doing nothing into doing something.

Avoid responding negatively and respond positively.
Change a frown to a smile.
Change an angry response to a calm one.

It doesn’t all have to happen at once, just pick one and try it.

“I am so thankful of all those who said ‘No’ to me. It’s because of them I’m doing it myself” – Albert Einstein