Level 3

Positive Affirmations

Positive self affirmation is an attempt to re-programme the subconscious mind by repeatedly thinking positively. It is likely that people are more familiar with negative self affirmations where they repeat negative subconscious thoughts about themselves. This develops into self defeating attitudes where people make excuses about why they are not capable of achieving specific goals.  Most of the time people are unaware that they our doing this to themselves so it’s difficult to break the habit.

A way to overcome negative self feeling is for the person to consciously start telling themselves something positive about themselves, not just once but many times, every day.  The person should compliment themselves when they do something good, even if it’s something small like making a meal, say “I am good at this” or “I did a good job of ……….?  The person should recognise when they start and finish some task and make sure they compliment themselves on completing it.  They should award themselves a ‘point’ every time they complete a task, there are no points for uncompleted tasks.  When the person gets to ten points, they should give themselves a reward.  Then work their way up to (25), (50), (75) and (100) points.

The most effective time to talk to the sub conscious mind is when the person is feeling relaxed. Start repeating these statements just before sleep “I feel good, I am worthwhile, I like myself.”  Other nights say “I am smart, capable and competent.”  Another time say “I believe I can change my life because I know I can do better.”

The person needs to get their mind to work for them rather than against them.
The person could give themselves a positive nickname
Leave positive messages for themselves
Complement themselves
Make positive statement like:
                    – “I’m the king of the hill”
                     – “I have the power”
                     – “Success is just a matter of my choice”
                     * Choose positive statements that suit the circumstances

The person needs to recognise and replace negative self talk with positive statements and say them over and over, everyday.  Eventually the person will begin to believe them because they will be true. There will be little benefit from thinking positively six times a day if the person then returns to thinking negatively for the remainder of the day.