Level 3

General Self-Improvement Information

In the previous intervention sections, the strategies mainly focus on overcoming certain difficulties but it’s one thing to overcome a problem and another to make things better. It’s fair to say that people can be somewhat sceptical about the idea of personal development as it can be portrayed as a bit of a confidence trick when you hear statements like ‘Maximise your power’ or ‘Unleash your potential’ and it’s easy to dismiss it as mumbo jumbo unless of course you are at work where professional development is considered essential.

This direct approach to personal development is for people who want to break away from the past, change their lives by developing the skills to build a different future.

The knowledge is sourced from many different subject areas but relies heavily on psychology and management. The information is easy to read, simple to use, suggests practical ideas and solutions for people to improve their lives. The simple fact is, that if you chose to develop your skills today, for example in problem solving, your choosing to make tomorrow better.