Level 3

Overcome Personal Barriers

We all have barriers that subconsciously hold us back, even though there are so many benefits to be gained by improving ourselves. Often these personal or psychological factors become rooted in our psyche which influences our choices and affects our decisions when it comes to improving our lives.
For example:

If people are depressed, they will lack motivation.
If they have an addiction, they will be occupied with the habit.
If they have low self-esteem, they won’t feel their worth it.
If they are stressed, they will want to avoid the extra pressure.

Many other factors that people struggle with include inadequacy, anger, anxiety, fear of failure, illness, self-doubt, trauma to name but a few, but all have the same outcome in stopping positive change. Even though these factors can have a detrimental effect on people’s lives, most people never seem to consider doing anything about it. For those who do, they need to develop a different mindset and the first step is to figure out what are the personal or psychological factors preventing them moving forward. This can be done by choosing one thing they really want and then work out what are the reasons preventing them achieving it. This process of self-reflection can be facilitated by keep asking the WHY question. See Assessment section for more on the WHY question. However, it’s recognised that trying to overcome these difficulties takes time but in dealing with them, people are moving forward, even though they may feel they are not.

An alternative approach Is to use personal development to counteract certain difficulties and the good news is people can start anywhere. For example, a lack of confidence will prevent a person trying but if they ignore that and try anyway, even if it’s just something small, when their successful, they will gain the confidence to try again. If people learn how to solve a problem, it encourages them to solve another and in doing so, improves their self-esteem. The more an individual achieves, the more it reduces feelings of self-doubt, it overcomes the fear of failure, improves feelings of adequacy and self-belief.

Go step by step – start small – ensure success – push yourself – work harder – be realistic and get support. Remember, it’s your life and quality matters.

Also see Negativity